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Why Consider the Sequoia Financial Network

For Your Growing, Independent Practice

Sequoias help each other. Giant Sequoias do not compete with each other for resources; instead their huge root systems intertwine and fuse together to share resources and support one another.

The Sequoia Financial Network was founded by advisors, to support advisors. Our leadership team brings a combined 100+ years of industry knowledge, experience and hands-on expertise to help you take your practice to the next level. Learn more

Sequoias naturally form partnerships. The Giant Sequoia is one member of a complex association of plants and animals. Unable to drop its own cones, it depends upon other forest residents to act as seed dispersing agents.

Partnering with Sequoia Financial Network means you have the freedom to run your business on your terms. We continually strive to create and nurture an environment that provides an ideal combination of autonomy and support. Learn more

Sequoias are interdependent; their well-being depends on reciprocal relationships. Sequoia cones provide nourishment to other forest residents. In return, they help release the tree’s seeds, enabling new growth.

You benefit from lower startup costs, shared overhead and other economies of scale, as well as our experience and resources. Learn more

Sequoias are exponentially fruitful. The average mature tree produces approximately 2,000 cones each year. With an average of 200 seeds per cone, 400,000 seeds could be released from each tree each year.

We understand that tomorrow’s goals are just as important as today’s. We help you develop a plan for building practice equity and transitioning your business upon retirement. Learn more

Sequoias thrive under even the harshest of conditions. Their unusually thick bark is fire-resistant. It contains tannic acid, a natural wood preservative and the same ingredient used in fire extinguishers, which also makes the trees highly disease resistant.

We realize you may not have a burning need for the support and resources our network provides when business is going according to plan. It’s when conditions change and you’re struggling with your broker/dealer, a tough climate for business growth or a family crisis, that the full value of a network dedicated to helping you thrive under both favorable and adverse conditions really becomes evident. Learn more