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Welcome to the Sequoia Financial Network

At Sequoia Financial Network, it is no an accident that we derive our name from the Giant Sequoia. Capable of soaring well above 200 feet, you will never see a lone Sequoia. These majestic trees depend upon each other to survive and grow. For more than 70 million years they have thrived by intertwining their root systems to create the foundation required to maintain their equilibrium and access the resources they depend upon to flourish—individually and collectively.

At Sequoia Financial Network, we believe our business philosophy is equally well-grounded and timeless in its simplicity: nurture an environment of support that seeks to enable each of us to not only grow, but thrive.

Who we are

We are strategically focused on building a community of successful advisors, who serve the financial and retirement needs of individuals and families. By leveraging the collective strengths of our advisors—and bridging the shared opportunities within the investment and insurance worlds—we endeavor to enhance your individual practice, while continuing our long tradition of delivering exceptional, unbiased financial guidance.

What we stand for

  • We are a network of experienced, independent financial advisors sharing similar goals and values for our practices and our clients
  • Our advisors focus on placing client interests first
  • Our culture embraces shared success while respecting the autonomy and independence of each advisor
  • We believe that each of us can benefit from and prosper when provided access to the collective wisdom, knowledge, best practices and diverse experience of our peers

If you share a similar perspective, we invite you to learn more about the Sequoia Financial Network by exploring our website. Then Contact Sequoia Financial Network to talk about how we can work together to support and grow your independent practice.

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