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When Is the Right Time to Join

Think about what motivates new clients to seek out your help as a financial advisor. Often, it’s during a time of crisis—following the death of a spouse or a divorce—or when they find themselves in transition—leaving a job, retiring or preparing to send a child to college. Likely, your first thought is: “I wish you had come to me earlier, there’s so much we could have done to better prepare you for this situation or period of transition in your life.”

It’s not unusual for advisors to seek out the type of resources and support our established network provides at a time of crisis either. Maybe your broker/dealer has cut back on service levels, is requiring you to promote products that are not aligned with your clients’ needs, or has simply dropped the ball one too many times. Or maybe you’ve experienced a personal crisis, an illness or a family situation that requires more of your time away from the office.

When things are at their worst, we’re at our best

Ideally, the time to join a network focused on advocating for you, your clients and your business is before you experience a challenging situation. But no matter where you find yourself and your practice today, you can rely on Sequoia Financial Network to provide the support, flexibility and deep resources you require under any conditions.

If an advocacy relationship is the missing piece for you, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Us today to learn more.